The Buyer is bound to assert claim with the Seller or a person responsible for the repair without undue delay from the assessment of the fault. Whether in writing or via email, such claim should contain contact details, fault description and request for the method of claim settlement.

The Buyer shall inform the Seller of the method of claim settlement he or she chose at filing the claim or afterwards without undue delay. Change of claim settlement is possible only in case the Buyer opted for repair of the defect which proves to be non-removable.

Should the Buyer not duly assert his or her right arising from fundamental breach of contract, he or she has the same rights as at minor breach of contract.

The Buyer is obliged to document the purchase of goods (by presenting proof of purchase). The period for claim settlement begins to run on the date of handing over / delivering the goods to the Seller or designated service. The goods should be wrapped in appropriate packaging so that any damage is prevented, the goods should be clean and complete.

The Seller is bound to resolve the claim without undue delay, within three working days at the latest, or possibly find that it is necessary to get an expert review to resolve the claim and in such case inform the Buyer within the period mentioned above. The Seller shall settle the claim, including removing the defect, without undue delay, within 30 days from accepting the claim at the latest, unless otherwise specified in writing based on mutual agreement between the

Seller and the Buyer. The buyer has the same rights after expiration of the period as if there were a fundamental breach of contract.

Should the Seller refuse to remove the defect, the Buyer may require an adequate discount from the price or withdraw from the contract.

Quality guarantee is extended by the period between claim assertion and its settlement or the time the Buyer was bound to collect the goods. If the goods or their parts are replaced, Seller’s liability is applied as if the goods or their parts were new.

If there is no possibility to track the status of the claim online, the Seller is bound to inform the Buyer about the progress of the claim in accordance with Buyer’s requirements via emails or text messages. In case of legitimate claim, the Buyer has the right to a refund of any purposefully expended costs.